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"Empower your vision with GeospaceAI: Where AI shapes geospatial excellence."

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Optimize electric vehicle infrastructure planning

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Renweable Energy

Optimize renewable energy production

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Oil & Gas

Streamline exploration, production activities & tranportation

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Water Management

Developing new technologies to conserve water resources

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Monitor changes in land use, deforestation, and pollution

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Community Development

Through artificial intelligence, build smarter infrastructure

Satellite based technology

Utilizing earth observation, telecommunication, and navigation satellites enables global connectivity, facilitates precise positioning, and enhances environmental monitoring for sustainable development.

Our visions

Turn geospatial data into actionable insights. GeoSpaceAI delivers geospatial tech solutions for smarter planning, sustainable development, and efficient resource management. We help businesses in e-mobility, renewable energy, oil & gas unlock the full potential of their earth observation data.

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